WindFloat Atlantic closes 2023, reaching 80 GWh!  

WindFloat Atlantic closes 2023, reaching 80 GWh!  

Our WindFloat Atlantic project, the world’s first semi-submersible floating offshore wind farm, connected to the grid by the end of 2019 and commissioned in 2020, is now finishing its third full year in operation, closing 2023 with an electricity production of 80 GWh! 

WindFloat Atlantic also closed 2023 breaking more records, with Storm Ciaran posing unprecedented challenges, with waves reaching a staggering maximum height of 20 metres and wind gusts of up to 139 kilometres per hour

These extraordinary conditions far surpassed our previous project records, demonstrating the readiness and robustness of the floating technology, even in extreme offshore conditions. This success underscores our confidence not only in Portugal’s offshore wind potential but also in the readiness of floating wind technology for commercial scale. With three years of operating successfully, it is demonstrated that floating technology is mature and reliable even in challenging environments and that it will allow to unlock offshore wind opportunities worldwide.    

And that’s not all! WindFloat Atlantic has also been a hub for innovative solutions and pilots, being a key part for the testing of projects such as ATLANTIS, which advocates for integrating robotics in offshore wind farms to decrease the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) by minimizing the reliance on support vessels for inspection and maintenance operations offshore, showcasing the project’s commitment to contribute to transformative initiatives that optimize operational efficiency and develop innovative solutions.   

The WindFloat Atlantic team has also kept collaborating with the Portuguese and Viana’s do Castelo community, driven by a strong commitment to its positive impact on local stakeholders, including educational programs, such as Wind Experts, and local activities and sponsorships within Viana do Castelo. 

Simultaneously, the team has also worked on environmental management, where positive outcomes have been realized through comprehensive environmental studies conducted in the project’s area, and advanced in its data gathering on the offshore wind impact, showcasing the commitment to responsible and sustainable project development.   

WindFloat Atlantic is exceeding the production expectations set for this project and considering that it will be in operation for the next 25 years, the positive impact of WindFloat Atlantic will never stop increasing. The pioneer windfarm consists in three platforms, each with one 8.4-MW Vestas turbine installed, which are anchored with chains to the seabed and connected to the onshore substation in the Portuguese municipality of Viana do Castelo through a 20-kilometre (12.43 miles) cable. 

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