Celebrating the International Day of Light!

Celebrating the International Day of Light!

The International Day of Light was last Thursdayđź’ˇ, and we want to highlight and celebrate how we’re lighting up and providing clean energy to the world through offshore wind power. WindFloat Atlantic, provides energy to more than 25,000 people!!! 

Over time, we realised that while our employees know all about how the energy, we generate with our offshore wind farms brings light to millions of homes, it’s not so easy to understand for our employees’ children and other children of the community!

That’s why we decided to write a children’s book, “Where does the light come from?”, making it easier for them to discover how their parents are taking part in the fight against climate change and helping to light up the world!

Many of our team’s children have already started diving into our book! So, take a look at the next generation of offshore wind contributors!

If you’re part of a school or someone interested in obtaining these books, you can contact our communications team.

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