About us

Windplus, S.A. is the company responsible for the development, construction and operation of the WindFloat Atlantic project, and whose current shareholders are Ocean Winds (ENGIE and EDP Renováveis joint venture dedicated to offshore wind), Repsol and Principle Power Inc. (PPI).

Our sponsors

Oceans Wind (OW) is an international company dedicated to offshore wind energy and created as a 50-50 joint venture, owned by EDP Renewables and ENGIE. Based on our belief that offshore wind energy is an essential part of the global energy transition, we develop, finance, build and operate offshore wind farm projects all around the world.

When EDP and ENGIE combined their offshore wind assets and project pipeline to create OW in 2019, the company had a total of 1.5 GW under construction and 4.0 GW under development; OW has been adding rapidly to that portfolio and is now on a trajectory to reach the 2025 target of 5 to 7 GW of projects in operation, or construction, and 5 to 10 GW under advanced development. In 2022, OW’s offshore wind gross capacity already operating, contracted or with grid connection rights granted reaches 16.6 GW.

OW, headquartered in Madrid, is currently present in 8 countries, and primarily targets markets in Europe, the United-States and selected parts of Asia, from where most of the growth is expected to come.

Repsol is a Madrid-based multi-energy company, that has more than 3,800 MW of total installed low-emission generation capacity. The company has 1.5 million electricity and gas customers, making it a major player in this market in Spain. Last year, Repsol was the only major retailer in the country, in terms of customer volume, to obtain the CNMC’s A Label for the environmentally friendly origin of the electricity it supplies. With regard to renewable electricity generation, one of the pillars of Repsol’s decarbonization, the targets for installed capacity in 2030 have been updated to 20 GW, an increase of 60% compared to the previous target. By 2025, installed capacity will increase to 6 GW.

Principle Power is a global energy technology and services company. The Company’s proven and in-demand WindFloat® floating technology is unlocking offshore wind potential worldwide by enabling projects to harvest the best wind resource, irrespective of water depth or seabed condition. Principle Power acts as a trusted partner to developers, independent power producers, utilities and EPCs, supporting its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects. With 75 MW of cumulative capacity in operation, Principle Power is the clear market leader in floating wind technology. The company has secured exclusivity to supply the WindFloat® to commercial-scale projects totaling 4 GW and is supporting customers to deliver their portfolios of cost-competitive floating wind projects worldwide.

Our team

Wind Float Atlantic (WFA) is a pre-commercial project that represents an investment of about 120 million euros; more than half of the direct supplies were made by Portuguese and Spanish companies and more than 500 highly qualified people have been involved so far.

WFA is currently being operated from the O&M base located in the commercial port of Viana do Castelo.

Meet our team:

Project Director

José Pinheiro

Asset Manager

Daniel Ribeiro

Asset Manager Specialist

Susana Meireles

O&M Manager

Marco Ferreira

O&M Engineer

Tomás Vale

Maintenance Planner

Tiago Azevedo

Marine and Warehouse Coordinator

Daniel Machado