Ocean Winds announces the winner of its educational program “Wind Experts” in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Ocean Winds announces the winner of its educational program “Wind Experts” in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

• Wind Experts is an educational program that aims to raise awareness among younger generations about climate change and their role and potential within this global challenge.
• This Wind Experts second edition in Viana do Castelo was carried out in collaboration with the Town Hall, Abelheira Primary School, Carteado Mena EB 2/3 School and Pintor José de Brito Primary and Secondary School.

Viana do Castelo, 9th of May. A closing ceremony was held for the second Portuguese edition of the “Wind Experts” educational program, promoted by Ocean Winds in Viana do Castelo, with prizes being awarded to the winning group and the winning school. The program aims to raise awareness among the younger generations about the global climate change challenge and the benefits and potential of renewable energies, especially of offshore wind energy.

The award event was held in the auditorium of the IPVC School of Health, in the presence of the WindFloat Atlantic team – the local floating offshore wind farm of which Ocean Winds (a 50/50 joint venture between EDP Renováveis and ENGIE) is the main shareholder – all the students and teachers involved, and members of the Viana do Castelo Municipality, represented by the Department of Territorial Management and Sustainability and the EMIC (Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Center).

Therefore, within the context of this educational program, which also relates to the curricular discipline of Citizenship and Development and Natural Sciences, the students from these three local schools attended various educational courses aimed at raising awareness about climate change and promoting effective solutions to mitigate its consequences. The next phase was a competition between all the students, challenging them to build a replica of the WindFloat Atlantic floating offshore wind farm using recycled materials, while encouraging team spirit, creativity and innovative ideas.

The winning group was selected by the Ocean Winds committee, which analysed each of the projects submitted, valuing their innovation. They selected a group of 5 students from Abelheira Primary School. The winning school received a €3,000 voucher for its involvement, and each member of the winning team received an iPad as a prize.

In addition, all the students received a certificate of participation, recognizing their involvement and commitment to this challenging initiative that inspires creativity.

Wind Experts falls within Ocean Winds’ commitment to invest in the local society and community of its projects, with a particular focus on spreading and promoting knowledge among younger generations. With the support of the Viana do Castelo City Council, various social actions are taking place in the Viana do Castelo region.

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