Presenting WindFloat Atlantic to local engineers!

Presenting WindFloat Atlantic to local engineers!

On the 17th of February, the Ordem dos Engenheiros (Região Norte), a public professional association representing Portuguese engineers, visited our O&M base in Viana do Castelo.

Through this visit, we presented WindFloat Atlantic, the world’s first semi-submersible offshore wind farm, and had the opportunity to explain what characterizes this project. Therefore, the group met Jose Pinheiro, Project Director for WindFloat Atlantic, and Daniel Ribeiro, Asset Manager, who briefly introduced the project and its journey since the first prototype in 2011, and how it has positively impacted the community and region. With the support of Ricardo Rosa, O&M Engineer, we also explained in detail the cutting-edge technology applied in WFA, which has permitted the installation of floating platforms in previously inaccessible water depths.

Later, all the WindFloat Atlantic team, included Marco Ferreira, the O&M Manager, Daniel Machado, our Marine and Warehouse Coordinator, and Tomás Vale, our Maintenance Planner, toured the group around the O&M base, visiting the different areas, including our Operations Room, from where we operate the wind farm in real time and foresee the potential technical necessities that require visiting the wind farm. Last year, in 2022, more than 18,000 hours were worked and invested in the WindFloat Atlantic project, which resulted in closing 2022 reaching 78GWh.

Thank you to the Ordem dos Engenheiros for their visit and their interest in learning more about the offshore wind sector!

If you are also interested in visiting WindFloat Atlantic don’t hesitate to contact us!

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